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spree. the plane that crashed in the peninsula is still in the water this morning. find out what investigators will be doing there in a few hours. >> a live look at 680 through sunol. volume southbound is picking up. northbound is an issue. this is what folks are thinking about, their labor day holiday getaway. i'll let you know what to think about as far as slowdowns as well. 6:00 on friday morning. lots of you looking forward to the lock labor day weekend. we're so glad you are kicking it off with nbc bay area. good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> straight up 6:00 now. we want to check in with rob and look at the weekend forecast for some folks they get an extra weekend. >> that's right, nice start to the morning so far. low clouds and fog coming back in. 50s and 60s around breakfast time. lunch time temperatures, low to
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mid 90s around livermore. 73 in san francisco. upper 70s in oakland as that sea breeze picks up, a cooldown as we head through the weekend. >> developing news out of the east bay where crews will begin searching for a missing man at a landfill in just a couple of hours. they're searching for frederick sales, the son of a murder victim. it's just the latest twist in a bizarre killing spree mystery. christie smith has the latest from there. >> reporter: the last time anyone has seen frederick sales alive was one week ago today in hercules. investigators confirm that the search for him will pick up today at the pittsburg landfill. ultimately this is where trash from the city of hercules ends up. the 35-year-old nursing assistant was last seen friday, the day police believe his father was beaten to death by efren valdemoro. according to police, all three men shared a home in hercules
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with cindy tran. she owned the home and was apparently valdemoro's girlfriend. police say the three men got physical over tran because valdemoro believed that something romantic was going on behind his back. efren valdemoro was shot and killed by chp after police say he killed his girlfriend, also grabbed a cleaver in richmond and started making threats. in all now in this bizarre story, four people tied to valdemoro are dead, ricardo sales, the father, two other women found dead in a vallejo home this week, also cindy tran from hercules, plus valdemoro himself. at about 9:00 this morning, we're told hercules police will assemble here. they also put out a call to other bay area law enforcement agencies to come out here and assemble and help them. the search is expected to begin at the landfill at 9:30 this morning. reporting live in pittsburg, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> all right. thanks for sorting it out for
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us. more pictures of valdemoro a week before his death. police took these pictures on august 22nd after their report that they had to take on a fight between valdemoro and 73-year-old ricardo sales and his son frederick. valdemoro accused sales of interfering with his relationship with his girlfriend. valdemoro had bruises on his face after that attack. employees of devon salon and spa where valdemoro's girlfriend worked will be holding a memorial for her tonight. they'll gather to remember her at 7:00. police say valdemoro strangled the 46-year-old mother in her car. the memorial will be at glenn cove shopping center in vallejo. count on nbc bay area news on air and online for continuing coverage of the killing spree. a federal investigation is under way this morning into what caused a plane to plunge into a redwood shores lagoon killing three people.
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kimberly tere is live this morning in redwood city. kimberly, federal ajgents will have a lot of witnesses to talk to. >> that's right. this happened close to the lunch hour and this lagoon is surround by businesses close to that airport. as you can imagine, plenty of people saw the plane go down. it happened about 30 seconds after takeoff. the twin engine beach aircraft took off from the san carlos airport, again just before noon yesterday. head to the san martin airport in south santa clara county. according to witnesses, it reached an altitude of less than 1,000 feet when it banked sharply and went to the lagoon. redwood city firefighters say a 91-year-old world war ii veteran is among three people who were killed. robert borrmann founded r.e. borrmann company in palo alto right after the war. his company confirms he was on the plane.
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>> a great man. he treat me like a part of his family. he helped me a lot. >> reporter: firefighters pulled a woman's body from the lagoon after the crash. the pilot and borrmann are still under water and will not be pulled out until the ntsb is done investigating the scene. the pilot and the woman believed to be the pilot's girlfriend have not yet been identified. now the ntsb is expected out here later on this morning, possibly early afternoon. the plane, again, still under water and will not be brought up to shore until investigators have processed this scene. live in redwood shores, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thanks a lot, kimberly. turning to developing news for your bottom line this morning. >> we are digging deeper into the new jobs report. scott mcgrew has the latest from the newsroom. >> it came out 5:30 our time. still analyzing some numbers. a reasonably positive update for
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you on jobs. while the unemployment rate did rise in the month of august to 9.6%, the overall number of jobs lost, what they call nonfarm payrolls was just 54,000 to the negative. that's considered by many economists to be very good news. they were expecting as many as 100,000. those are the numbers we have been getting month to month in the past. futures on wall street much higher. i don't care so much about futures on wall street as i think we care about how ou friends and neighbors are doing with finding a job. still to the negative but better than they were. >> the mill stair newspaper stars and stripes reports that the pentagon has forbidden the sale of the latest electronic arts metal of honor came from u.s. military bases. the report says gamestop which has stores on military posts, have voluntarilied no did the
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t voluntarily decided not to sell the game. there are two sides in the game, the u.s. force and the afghan taliban, and that the taliban is a playable thing that kids can do that has led the british defense secretary to call the game disgusting and tasteless. that you're able to play as the taliban. and this is a game that has cost millions of dollars to develop. it's supposed to come out in october. but now even the u.s. military is not permitting its sale on u.s. bases. >> you would think they would anticipate that kind of controversy. today marks the third straight friday with a spare the air day in effect. air quality leaders asking to you cut back in driving and energy use. cross a picnic at alum park off your list of things to do today. it is closed because of high fire danger. they will check conditions before deciding to close the gates for the weekend.
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>> mike has an update on a traffic situation in the south bay. >> taking you over to 280, southbound side at winchester boulevard, that earlier accident still in the lanes, blocking the fast lane. crews are on scene. word from chp is that someone left the scene, jumped off the roadway, jumped back on and jumped off again. so you may see extra crews on the scene. the volume of traffic is so light there are no major slowdowns. if you are heading to monterey, caramel, big sur, three of your top five driving destinations, will you have to probably use highway 17 or 101. right now very smooth. yesterday problems near the summit, that was because of an accident. right now we expect volume to increase around 11:00. the bay bridge, folks coming into the city for their workday, moving steadily now. no major delays no metering
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lights yet. probably 15 or 20 minutes for those to turn on. heavy volume around 10:30 as well. we will follow this for now and send it back to you. >> checking in with rob. the labor day weekend is here. we have been having those hot temperatures, he has a look at what's in store for the next couple of days. >> besides the culling out there, 61 degrees, san jose. skies are clear. in san francisco, seeing the low clouds fan out across the bay. 57 degrees, west wind at 106789 that's why our temperatures will be cooling down. as we head through this upcoming weekend, for the morning, 50s and 60s. fog thick along the coast this morning. lunch time temperatures inland, 70s to the 80s. in the afternoon, 88 in san jose. that's down from the mid90s of yesterday. still 90s out towards livermore, fairfield, concord. the trend, as we go through your labor day weekend, cooler inland with lots of low clouds and foggy starts to the morning. back to you. thank you very much. 6:09 right now. taking a bite out of the
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slumping economy. see how one east bay community is getting down to business by going back to its fruity roots. plus the east coast is getting pounded by rain and wind this morning because of hurricane earl. we'll show you what's in store and where the course is currently for that big hurricane. >> look at these guys, they are a south bay band "the holdup" live in the studio. we'll have a special acoustic set coming up next. ♪
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welcome back. this morning the eastern seaboard is bracing for hurricane earl as heavy winds whip along the coast. these are live pictures of cape may, new jersey, where residents are preparing for the worst. it's been 107 years since a
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hurricane last made landfall in new jersey. here is a look at the size of the category 2 storm. it is expected to weaken over the next two days, but rain flooded roads and trails in the nags head area of north carolina. bp says it is one step closer to plugging the crippled oil well in the gulf for good. a live look at the well there, kind of murky this morning. with the damaged preventer out of the way, they can now look at what caused the explosion. >> this is a horrible, random act of violence. a woman approached a complete stranger and threw acid in her face. this morning the victim in that terrifying attack shares her story on the "today" show. bethany strow said she just bought a pair of sunglasses and was celebrating a new job when a woman walked up to her with a
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cup and said hey, pretty girl, want to drink this? the woman splashed acid on her who stumbled in pain as the acid disfigured her face. despite the pain, bethany is resilient. >> i can't change what she did to me, you know, but that's not fair. >> you can watch the rest of that interview at 7:30 on the "today" show. meg whitman will not have to serve jury duty in the middle of her gubernatori iaial campaign. that trial is expected to last about a month. whitman got her dismissal after a defense attorney questioned her. she was asked if her campaign would be too distracting for her to self serve on the jury. a young woman went on
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facebook and it's amazing what she posted. >> went from member of jury, turned around and became the defendant. 20 years old. she posted to her facebook going to be fun to tell the defendant he's guilty. this was before the jury had actually deliberated. so this is video of the woman here. the judge had specifically warned her not to post messages about the trial to social networks. the judge did not technically mention that you shouldn't post a verdict before the jury had even met. she probably felt she didn't need to mention that. the former juror was fined $250 and she has to write an essay about what she has learned today. speaking of facebook and all those location-based services like four square and twitter, you might not want to post your labor day plans online unless you want to alert thieves that you won't be home. >> on wednesday apple was showing off how you can use
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facebook to find friends on the ping social network, inside itunes. less than 48 hours that connection to facebook doesn't work. both companies cagey as to what happened, but it appears facebook cut off apple, though it says in a statement it looks forward to working with apple in the future. very few companies would dare to take a brand new apple product announced wednesday and makes it up. >> interesting. >> facebook can, they're that big. >> there is some kind of negotiation, a power play or something. >> but you don't mess with apple. big boys on the playground there. >> a popular retro burger joint may open its doors again. quick way used to be an old school drive in fast food restaurant and it was popular in the '60s and '70s.
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it's part of a plan to revive old school east bay charm. city councilman rebecca kaplan says the food industry is growing and new restaurants are popping up everywhere. >> quick way is not the only east bay restaurant that plans to open shop. the thriving chicken and waffles restaurant in jack london square also plans to open another restaurant in walnut creek. spartans take the field in tuscaloosa tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. and cal and stanford fans have plenty to look forward to this weekend, cal will take on uc davis tomorrow afternoon, and the cardinals take on sacramento state at stanford stadium at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. after years on the back burner, plans to revamp an east bay trail are finally back on track. the walnut creek city council is putting aside over $200,000 for a trail that winds from ignacio valley road past pacific park. that's less than half the money needed to finish the trail and some are criticizing the decision to spend money saying it's odd since the city just closed a $20 million budget gap.
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the city says it is a good investment and a natural resource. >> a sports competition in the east bay starting tonight will prove real men and women wear kilts. the scottish highland games kicked off with a celebration in san ramon. the games themselves take place saturday and sunday. events include the caber throw, participant also see who can throw a tree trunk the furthest and putting and stone, like shot putting but with a 17-pound rock. you can still buy tickets for less than 20 bucks. kids under 12 get in free. always fun. >> right now 6:18. breaking news on the morning commute. reports of a plane on a highway. >> yeah. this is coming in off of the chp report for the monterey area. it's officially salinas, but reports coming in saying highway 101 at monterey boulevard, reports of a small plane
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crashing on to highway 101. those are the only details right now. the news is tracking that down. this may be an issue because folks travel down to monterey, caramel and big sur for the holidays. that will be an issue that might effect 101 for the long term. we'll follow this and let you know the latest. closer to home, as far as local commutes, following another incident westbound 80 at richmond parkway. we have that off-ramp blocked by an abandoned vehicle. someone stalled there and left the vehicle. no major slowing in the commute direction coming off the carquinez bridge. i'm warning folks about an earlier slowdown eastbound on 80 or northbound 680. probably starting about midday as folks head north on the maps out towards tahoe, via interstate 80. the bay bridge toll plaza no
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problem. as far as the traffic volume goes, holding steady. metering lights turning on in another 15, 20 minutes there. we'll show you the other side of the water, because we are talking about water main break still effecting the right lane southbound 101 at doyle drive. your right lane is blocked by water and perhaps some repair crews as they repair the bridge. off the golden gate bridge, no problems getting into the city. easy drive along the peninsula. maybe fog along the coast. we will get a live look at san mateo bridge. you can see that high rise, so visibility and traffic is moving smoothly. rob will let you know how your laker day forecast will shape up. i think you'll like what you hear. the spotlight on the rock. we will tell you about the next big project at one of the bay area's most prominent landmarks. >> here is the south bay's own "the holdup." they are releasing their second album on saturday.
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they are playing an exclusive acoustic set for us. ♪
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an update now to a breaking story mike told you about a few minutes ago. we know it's a helicopter that actually crashed in salinas in the southbound lanes of 101 and those lanes are closed right now. we will bring you more information as soon as we can. a chopper that gone in salinas
6:24 am
on 1101. >> right now we want to check in with rob to see what the visibility might have been like around this morning. >> around salinas, a blanket of dense fog. visibility within the last hour down around the airport, a mile or less. seeing visibility just like we are seeing now spilling across the bay. low clouds and fog. dense fog at times on the coast. we will see if that played a factor in that accident this morning. southwest winds at 14, blowing that cool ocean air inland. santa clara valley this afternoon, warming up. warm inland, not as hot. still 90s for livermore and pleasanton. 88 san jose. the trend for the weekend turning more mild 70s and 80s inland. 60s along the coast. alcatraz could be the setting for a new tv show. j.j. abrams is shopping a new project to networks. we don't have the details on exactly what the show would be about, but it's set to be on the former prison island in the
6:25 am
middle of the bay. abrams is the man behind the latest star trek movie, the tv series "lost" and the soon to debut nbc series "under covers." 6:24 right now. a golden eagle is enjoying its freedom back in the wild after being critically injured months ago. volunteers released that eagle back into the wild near santa barbara. he was found along highway 101 and was underweight, had a bloody eye and injured head. the eagle is young and is expected to live a very full life now. time is 6:25. the city which hosts some of the bay area's most popular events postpones a plan that may have cost you more for tickets. plus one of the men accused in the shooting of a free monday officer, todd young, heads to court today. see how you can still help with the officer's surgeries. and the intriguing story behind the allege the government cover-up in the pat tillman story hits the big screen this weekend. we'll tell you where you can catch it.
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>> it's 6:25. the band playing this morning is the south bay's the holdup. they're playing live for us all morning long. ♪ ♪ mi ♪ [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay,
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they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california.
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following breaking news. an update on a chopper that went down on highway 101 near salinas this morning. the search for a missing hercules man tied to a bay area killing spree ends up at a landfill this morning.
6:29 am
i'm christie smith. we'll tell you what investigators are looking for coming up in a live report. as we follow that helicopter crash on highway 101, more area force your labor day getaway that might be effected by this heavy traffic we expect to see today labor day's weekend get away. we begin with breaking news that we're following. a helicopter has gone down in salinas this morning. it's on 101. >> it is just outside of salinas. we don't have a lot of details yet. we don't know what kind of helicopter it was or how many people were on board. we know this is an agricultural area and they do have a lot of helicopters that spray the crops. we don't know that it's one of those, but it is likely that could be what we're looking at. we're trying to get more information. this is how it could effect you if you are going through the area. southbound lanes of 101 near
6:30 am
salinas are closed as they are trying to investigate more on this helicopter crash. we will keep tabs on it for you. also keeping tabs on the weather. interesting, rob, kind of the coastal fog is coming in. do you think that could have had an effect? >> i think that could have played a role give than salinas airport is reporting a quarter mile to a third of a mile. this is a time lapse from the san bruno mountain. i have been watching to see if this causes flight delays out of sfo, none so far. but we'll watch that because that fog is thick and dense along the coastline and that sea level. coastal fog the story with temperatures climbing into the afternoon, upper 80s san jose, 73 around san francisco. upper 70s today near oakland. >> we also have more developing news this morning in the killing spree across the bay area. the search for a missing man whose father was a victim is going to move now to a pittsburg landfill. that's where christie smith is
6:31 am
live this morning with the latest developments in that case. >> reporter: good morning to you. the last time anyone saw frederick sales alive was a week ago. that's when hercules police believe his father was killed. today the search for frederick sales is moving to a landful. it is turning grim as investigators are searching for him here this is where trash from hercules ends up. that's important because the father and son shared a home in hercules with efren valdemoro, that was owned by valdemoro's girlfriend, cindy tran. police say things in the home turned violent between the three men when valdemoro got gjealous and he thought that one of the
6:32 am
salesmen was dating his girlfriend. 73-year-old ricardo sales body was found beaten to death in that home days later. there is a trail of victims with ties to valdemoro, including two other women found in a vallejo home. but at this point it is unclear exactly who killed them. we are told hercules police put out a call to other law enforcement agencies to come out and help. it will start at 9:00, and the search will begin at 9:30. reporting live from pittsburg, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> now, new this morning we have a closer look at the man behind the killing spree. police took these pictures of valdemoro just a week before the chp ended up shooting and killing him. on august 22nd, police completed a report of a fight between
6:33 am
valdemoro and ricardo sales. valdemoro accused sales of interfering with his relationship with his girlfriend. valdemoro had bruises on his face after that attack. >> we want to look at when the chain of events started. it began as early as last wednesday. that's the last time anybody saw marcaria smart and segundina allen in vallejo. saturday 73-year-old ricardo sales was found dead in his hercules home. they issued an arrest warrant for efren valdemoro. sales' 35-year-old son, frederick, also missing, as we learned fr learned this morning, police are looking for him in a landfill. tuesday night, police spotted valdemoro who led them on a chase at 9:00 p.m. it ended when police shot and killed him because he refused to drop a women. the body of a young woman believed to be valdemoro's girlfriend was found in the car. thursday, two bodies were found in a vallejo house where valdemoro rented a room.
6:34 am
more live reports coming up this morning. head to to get updates any time. later today, we'll get an update on the recovery of a fremont police officer, todd young. at last report he was in critical but stable condition after being shot in the line of duty. gust gustavio silva will be in court later today for attempting to help barrientos escape over the border. a livermore mom accused of having sex with teenage boys is expected to enter a plea this morning. christine hubbs faces 67 counts for having relationships with two 14-year-old boys. court records show one boy's mother went to police over the summer after she found a nude photo of hubbs on her son's cell phone. hubs is behind bars in dublin on $4.3 million bail. the documentary film about the life and death of san jose native pat tillman debuts in the bay area today.
6:35 am
"the tillman story" is coming off a limited release in new york and los angeles. it follows the tillman family's quest about the truth of what happened in his death in afghanistan. they eventually force the pentagon to reveal that he did die from friendly fire. the movie is showing in just three bay area theaters. you can see it at the shaddock in berkeley, the century f.s. center in san francisco and camera seven in san jose. investors are react together developing news this morning on the state of the american job market. >> scott has an early look at trading. >> good morning. better than expected employment numbers. those numbers in a second. dow jones up 93 points this morning. nasdaq up 10. intel better than 1.5% to the positive. google 1.4%. take two interactive up better than 14% after better than expected profits on a video game called "red dead redemption." let's look at the jobs numbers. let's turn to tracie potts with why people in the bay area can
6:36 am
be happier this morning. >> reporter: good morning. in the bay area there's a new private report out that shows there will be some job growth over the next year. now, just this morning the labor department said that unemployment nationally is at 9.6%, that's less than the 11.5% in the bay area. but the new report shows that there will be very slight growth, less than 1% in both california and just under half a percent in the bay area over the next year. if you're looking for a job, you need to look in the agricultural area. natural resources, forestry, those jobs expected to explode in the bay area over the next year. going up 36%, almost a third more jobs in the bay area in a year. if you're looking for a job, you might want to stay away from government jobs, in the bay area specifically, those jobs are expected to be on the decline. live there capitol hill, i'm tracie potts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. brent, kind of strange to think
6:37 am
we are returning to the valley of hearts delight in agriculture, but people will take whatever jobs they can get. >> thanks, scott. new information just in this morning on a controversial story out of the east bay. today is the first day of a administrative leave for the alameda fire chief accused of filling his tank on the taxpayer's dime. the interim city manager offered no reason for pulling the chief off duty. chief dave kapler is accused of inappropriately using the fire department's gas pumps to fill his own cars. kapler denies doing anything wrong and said he was allowed to use city gas under a verbal agreement with the former city manager. when festivals pull into town, crews take up spaces, and now a city plan to charge non-profit events $5 per space is put on hold.
6:38 am
for-profit events would be charged $9. but the city says the plan needs more review. time is 6:38. time for another update on that breaking news we're following in the salinas area. a helicopter down on highway 101. that is, of course, impacting the commute along that area. mike inouye has the latest. >> a lot of folks are concerned because many people drive out of this area and head south for salinas, monterey, caramel. all areas south. people lump that together on the roadways. southbound side, closed from airport boulevard down to gould road because of that helicopter crash that occurred on the freeway. it occurred on the highway itself. monterey is over here. the accident over here. it's a good distance away. as far as driving down to monterey, caramel, you can get
6:39 am
over to highway 1, 17. that should be all right for your labor day getaway. this is a big concern because this could shift traffic around. we are following this in the newsroom as well as the traffic center. closer to home, the commute is all right up through the santa cruz mountains. an earlier accident cleared southbound 280 at winchester boulevard. we see a slowdown in the northbound direction, that's the commute direction as folks are passing by. the earlier activity and a few flashing lights there. the rest of the south bay moving smoothly. volume picking up on 101 and 87 into downtown. the bay bridge, volume increasing a bit over here. doesn't look like anything major coming down the east shore freeway. 19 minutes off the carquinez bridge heading to the toll mraz savmts. plaza. >> the fog sticking around. >> in san jose, 61 degrees. oakland, 59.
6:40 am
there is the fog, san francisco, the bay bridge at times going in and out of voodoo to low clouds which look like this from sang bruno mountain looking down on top of the fog spilling into the bay. that's why, with the ocean air conditioning and the fog bank filling up, the coast cooling down. inland, a spare the air day for the east bay valleys, vant vall clara valley as well. the trend is the fog coming back and the sea breeze turning stronger, that means a cooler weekend. 60s along the coast. time is 6:40. lane changes in the east bay could throw drivers off starting next week. we have a preview of what you should look for coming up next. >> a plane crash has killed three people including a well-known local businessman, a world war ii veteran. i'm kimberly tere. i'll have the latest on the investigation. here's a live look at one of the places hurricane earl is pounding the east coast this morning. it is said to be about the size
6:41 am
of texas. we have team coverage of the storm threatening to come close enough to endanger homes and lives.
6:42 am
6:43 am
another update on that breaking story we're following this morning. a helicopter crashed in salinas near the airport there.
6:44 am
happened about 25 minutes ago. the chp closed the southbound lanes of highway 101 at airport boulevard. we don't know if there is anybody injured. there is rumor one person was. we have not confirmed that. we are trying to figure out what kind of helicopter it was as well. so, as soon as we get more information on this, we will let you know. a helicopter that gone down this morning near salinas. new this morning, a fresh look at a plane that crashed into a redwood city lagoon killing three people. kimberly tere joining us live now from near that scene. kimberly, you got some new video. >> that's right. ariel shots of where the lagoon crashed yesterday. police have been out here all morning and overnight. we did see a boat with the redwood city police head out about 45 minutes ago. they are getting a closer look at where the plane crashed on the south side of this lagoon. federal investigators are expected to be out here later on
6:45 am
this morning, perhaps early afternoon, until then that plane remains in the lagoon where it crashed killing all three people on board, including a 91-year-old world war ii veteran. robert borrmann founded r.e. borrmann steel company, in east palo alto after the war. his company confirms he was on that plane. however the identities of the pilot and a woman on the plane have not yet been released. witnesses say the crash happened just 30 seconds after that plane took off from the san carlos airport. when it banked sharply and then plunged into the lagoon. >> i looked out just to see, like, the final seconds of the plane coming down, nose first into the water. i heard the thud. firefighters pulled a woman's body from the lagoon after the crash. the pilot and borrmann are still under water and will not be pulled out until the ntsb is done investigating the scene. firefighters say there is heavy damage to the front of the
6:46 am
plane. again, federal investigators are expected out here later on this morning, perhaps early this afternoon to investigate this crash. live in redwood shores, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update. hurricane earl is pounding the east coast this morning with wind and rain making people miserable. rob mayeda is tracking the progress and looks at how crucial the next 24 hours are for the storm. first kristen dahlgren drew the short straw and is in the thick of it this morning. getting a little break right now? >> a little bit of a break. seeing some of those bands come through. but we were pummelled overnight by the wind and the rain here. look at what is still going on. the waves just crashing for as far as we can see. really some angry seas here. we are expecting to see some beach erosion from this. that will likely be earl's biggest legacy as it heads up the coast from north carolina, is that beach erosion and really
6:47 am
the high and dangerous waves. and riptides. officials out now in this area trying to see if there's other damage. so far reports of damage have been minimal. minimal power outages. that's good. the governor saying north carolina dodged the bullet with the center of earl staying off shore. but it has been a long morning here as earl now heads north. for more on where the storm is going to go as it heads towards the northeast, let's go to rob. >> is actually, as you mentioned, moving away from the outer banks of north carolina. you can see the size of the storm from boston down towards raleigh, north carolina, that gives you an idea of how big the thing is. we can show you the latest numbers on earl, winds of 100 miles per hour. accelerating off to the northeast at 18. a path that by late tonight our time could bring it close to the coast once again. this time around nantucket, cape cod around 11:00 tonight as probably a category 1 hurricane, winds of about 80 miles per
6:48 am
hour. tropical force winds around cape cod expected later on tonight. our weather today, low clouds, not tropical clouds a sign of ocean air conditioning pulling in the coastal fog. 50s and 60s this morning for the afternoon. not as hot as yesterday, still 80s inland. notice temperatures mid 90s around livermore. 88 san jose. 70s san francisco and oakland. the same story heading towards labor day weekend. your plans look mild. 70s and 80s inland. fog sticking around for the coast. >> big changes for a bay area thoroughfare that you will want to know about. we have a live look at sunol grade. that's where crew als will reste the carpool lane and one or two other lanes will be close the both nights this weekend and probably into next week. it's in preparation for the september 20th opening of the bay area's first freeway express
6:49 am
lane. solo drivers will be allowed in the diamond carpool lane if they pay a fee. something different there to be heads-up about. >> if you are headed to the south bay at all this morning, the salinas area is having report's helicopter that went down on southbound 101. want to check in with mike for details. >> good morning. we have more details from our sister station out in salinas. good news, actually, if you can take any from a helicopter crash. the pilot of the helicopter, reports coming in saying that pilot, minor injuries. that pilot, surprisingly okay. there is a fuel spill at the scene, chp is cleaning that up. no word on whether the equipment and the crash has done damage to the supporting structure on the side of the freeway or to the roadway itself. that helicopter is still down on southbound 101, keeping that closed for the time being heading through salinas. keep that in mind. if you are planning your labor day getaway to monther way and caramel to the south that does
6:50 am
not effect 101, you can still get to 156 and cut over there from highway 101 or 17 coming down out of the santa cruz mountains. we will check the other area we talked about. three of the top five getaways for the bay area heading to the south as destinations. highway 101 likely to get crowded around 10:00. light volume keeping things moving smoothly. even livermore, not a problem. here as well as the carquinez and benicia bridges as folks use 680 and 880 funneling down through sacramento and tahoe. the other two of the top five destinations for trip adviser. a live look the at toll plaza, a light volume so no metering lights. it is friday light, but that labor day traffic will cause a shift and an earlier back-up in those out of town getaway routes. >> we'll have the latest on the search through an east bay landfill and what investigators
6:51 am
are looking for. plus a super cool gadget friday. a way to listen to music while on your bicycle. ♪ >> that's the holdup playing for us live in studio. we'll tell you where you can see them yourselves this weekend. ♪ ♪
6:52 am
6:53 am
we continue to follow developing news out of the east bay where the focus of a bizarre killing spree will turn to a pittsburg landfill. crews will be looking for frederick sales, the son of a murder victim.
6:54 am
christie smith is live in pittsburg with the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning to you. just yesterday we spoke with hercules police and they told us they were very concerned, but only considered frederick sales missing. it looks like things have taken a grim turn because today that search for him picks up here in a pittsburg landfill. this is where trash from the hercules area is ultimately dumped. the 35-year-old nursing assistant has not been seen since last friday, that's when police believe efren valdemoro beat his father to death in the hercules home they shared with valdemoro's girlfriend, cindy tran. police say they all fought and valdemoro was jealous that one of the men may have been cheating with his girlfriend, from there it got worse. police say valdemoro killed his girlfriend, strangled her, came at police officers who shot him when he wouldn't put down a cleaver. now, investigators are expected to start assembling here at 9:00 this morning and the search expected to begin at 9:30. reporting live in pittsburg,
6:55 am
christie smith, nbc bay area news. back to our breaking news this morning. we have new information about that helicopter crash near salinas. we are told that the pilot is okay, may have suffered minor injuries. the chp is putting some absorbent on the southbound lanes of 101 near the salinas airport right now. some of those lanes are blocked off and closed. that's because there was a small fuel spill. the big problem now, is that traffic is all gridlocked in that area. it is usually about a two-lane road. so you block that down and traffic backs up quickly. as soon as we can get more information we'll pass that along. this is the type of helicopter that is like this. as we mentioned earlier, there is a lot of agricultural area in that location. they use these helicopters to spray crops and it was probably one of those. but it was a small helicopter, not sure why it went down. but it sounds like the pilot is okay. and they're trying to clean up
6:56 am
the fuel and get things back to open and running again. it is backed up in that area. >> it is also gadget friday. scott mcgrew has something you can use this labor day. >> we have this thing that will go on the back of your bike helmet. it's called the tune bug. 120 bucks. bluetooth connection to your cell phone or a wired correction to your ipod, and you can listen to your music while riding to yo places on your bike, no head phones required which would be a bad thing. >> if you are hanging around the bay area this weekend, you might want to check out the holdup. they are playing for us live this morning. >> their new album is called "confidence." they have been with us all morning long, playing a nice acoustic set. they have a little sample for us today.
6:57 am
♪ ♪ ♪
6:58 am
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